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An introduction to Human Growth Hormone

Understand the basics…

HGHHuman Growth Hormone, also known as HGH is a hormone that is primarily responsible for the growth and development of your body. It is a very important hormone, that is responsible for many functions in your body.

In medical terminology, Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is basically a protein hormone discharged by the pituitary gland that primarily stimulates cell and growth reproduction inside our bodies.

HGH promises many a lot of health benefits, more importantly being able to reverse aging process. In fact, you’ve probably heard about Human Growth Hormone a lot, since there is a lot of buzz going on about Human Growth Hormone.

How Human Growth Hormone Works

Human Growth Hormone basically works by stimulating your liver and other tissues, which then causes insulin-like growth factor IGF-1 being released. IGF-1 then starts to stimulate the production of cartilage cells, which results in bone growth and increased muscle mass.

However, as we are getting older, our human growth hormone production starts to decrease which then results in wrinkles, lack of energy, excess body weight, memory loss, weaker immune system, loss of skin elasticity and general signs of aging.

Human Growth Hormone Benefits

The main benefits of maintaing optimal levels of HGH in the body include:

  • Human Growth HormoneLess wrinkles, laugh lines and age spots
  • Better looking skin
  • Increased metabolism
  • Better immune system
  • Restored hair condition and color
  • Less body fat and increased muscle mass
  • Clearer, healthier vision and better memory
  • Stronger bones and better sleep
  • Increased energy levels and better mood
  • Improved libido

These are only some of the benefits that you’ll get if you will maintain optimal HGH levels. Your HGH levels are at the peak when you hit twenties, but once you hit 30, you have only left 20% of what you had in childhood.

How To Increase HGH Levels

There are several ways of increasing or maintaining human growth levels in your body such as HGH injections, HGH oral supplements and HGH releasing supplements.

HGH Injections - They are a synthetic substance injected into your body, directly into your bloodstream. HGH Injections are very expensive, one injections costs about $25 and they have to be injected two or three times a day, which means they will cost you about $75 a day.

Since, you have to use them for 30 days, you will end up paying at least $2000 for those injections. In fact, HGH injections are only available on prescription, which means you cannot get them without your doctor’s prescription.

It is not recommended to choose HGH injections, because they are very expensive but more importantly they are synthetic, which means there is a risk of experiencing harmful and dangerous side effects.

HGH Oral Sprays - HGH oral sprays have become popular in the last couple of years, but you should always remember that almost all the ingredients of oral supplements will be destroyed by our stomach before they will even give you some effect and results.

In fact, there is no scientific proof that HGH oral sprays work. Therefore, it is not recommended to choose HGH oral sprays, because there is absolutely no proof if they are effective at increasing human growth hormone levels.

HGH Releasers - The popularity of HGH releasers is increasing and recent clinical studies have proven that HGH releasers can help you increase your human growth hormone levels.

There is a big difference between HGH releasers and other HGH supplements, with HGH releasers you are stimulating your human growth hormone production, you are not taking artificial growth hormones, your body does all the work!

This method of stimulating your HGH production is much better than taking artificial growth hormones, because this is 100% natural process.

How To Find The Best HGH Supplement

Finding the right HGH supplement for you may not be as easy as you may think, because market is full of HGH supplements and you may get confused and this is the reason why we’ve decided to make criteria for choosing the best HGH supplement.

Below you can see the factors you’ve to take into account:

• Effectiveness                   • Quality of Ingredients                        • Customer Support
• Safety                              • Side Effects                                       • User Feedback
• Price                                • Manufacturers Reputation                 • Money Back Guarantee

Top Rated HGH Supplements

HGH Advanced#1. HGH Advanced
Overall Rating:  Rating: ★★★★★   Official Website: Click here

HGH Advanced is #1 HGH supplement, with an overall 99% success rate. HGH Advanced is clinically proven and FDA approved human growth hormone releaser, that uses the most powerful formula of pure and organic ingredients.

HGH Advanced contains only highest quality ingredients, that have been proven to be effective at stimulating human growth hormone production. In fact, HGH Advanced is the only FDA approved HGH supplement.

There is no other HGH supplement available on the market today that can offer you such a lot health benefits, but more importantly HGH Advanced is the best anti aging supplement.

HGH Advanced will help you get results like NO OTHER HGH Releaser you’ll find sold on the Internet today. Besides, HGH Advanced also comes with full 180 day money back guarantee, which means you’ll be able to get your money back if you will not be satisfied with results easily, with no questions asked.

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GenF20 Plus#2. GenF20 Plus
Overall Rating:  Rating: ★★★★½   Official Website: Click here

GenF20 Plus is one of the most popular and best HGH supplements, GenF20 Plus is rated as our #2 HGH supplement with an overall success rate of 95%.

It is one of the most affordable HGH supplements, GenF20 Plus uses a formula of completely pure and organic ingredients, which have been clinically proven to be effective.

According to website, GenF20 Plus works by revitalizing the function of the pituitary gland to deliver more growth hormone. GenF20 Plus comes with full 67 day money back guarantee, which means there is absolutely no risk of taking GenF20 Plus.

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GenFX#3. GenFX
Overall Rating:  Rating: ★★★★☆   Official Website: Click here

GenFX is rated as #3 HGH supplement, with an overall 87% success rate. GenFX is pure and organic HGH supplement, which comes from well known manufacturer.

It, as the manufacturer states, is manufactured by natural health sciences. GenFX is made from ingredients, that have been clinically proven to be effective.

GenFX can help you feel and look younger. It has been in business for over 5 years and it has gained popularity amongst users. Besides, the manufacturer of GenFX gives you 3 months full 100% No Risk Money-back Guarantee.

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