What Is HGH

HGH, which stands for Human Growth Hormone, is a hormone that is primarily responsible for the growth and development of your body. It is a very important hormone, that is responsible for many functions in your body.

It is naturally produced in our bodies by the pituitary gland. As the name suggests, human growth hormone primarily stimulates cell and growth reproduction inside our bodies, however it is responsible for aging process as well.

In fact, HGH is considered to be “the key” hormone in our bodies, since it is responsible for so many functiouns. HGH is at its highest levels during youth and puberty, but as we age pituitary gland produces less and less human growth hormones.

Why HGH Is So Important?

As we already mentioned, human growth hormone is responsible for many functions in our bodies. Once you hit 30, you have only left 20% of what you had in childhood.

When your HGH levels start to decrease you’re starting to see changes in your body, such as:

  • More wrinkles, laugh lines and age spots
  • Lack of energy
  • Excess body weight
  • Dry skin
  • Worse memory and focus
  • Faster aging
  • Lower sexual desire
  • Increased cholesterol levels
  • Reduced metabolic rate and increased risk of osteoporosis
These are just some of the things that are going to happen once your HGH levels start to decrease. Therefore, it is very important to maintain optimal levels of HGH in your body, because then you’ll be able to reverse aging process and not only feel but also look younger

HGH And Anti Aging

HGH is well known for its benefits, besides HGH is being considered as the base of youth. As we said already, by maintaining optimal levels of HGH, you can reverse aging process and enjoy more youthful and healthier life.

Many well known and reputable doctors recommend to use HGH supplements in order to increase human growth hormone levels in your body. In fact, increasing your HGH levels is the best way how to fight against aging process.

There are two ways how to increase your HGH levels, one is by taking HGH supplements and the second one is by using HGH injections. Since HGH injections are very dangerous and expensive, we recommend you to use HGH supplements.

HGH supplements will help you increase your HGH levels in a completely natural way, without having to experience side effects and spending thousands of dollars on injections.

Best HGH Supplements Currently Available On The Market

With dozens of HGH supplements available on the market today, it can be really difficult to find the one that will work for you! However, there are few HGH supplements that stand out from crowd.

We highly recommend you to use either HGH Advanced, GenF20 Plus or GenFX, because these three are the best HGH supplements that are available on the market today and they don’t need a prescription.

HGH Advanced

HGH Advanced is the most powerful HGH supplement available on the market today and it is the first HGH supplement ever to be approved by FDA.

HGH Advanced is the most powerful HGH releaser that is available on the market today. Unlike other HGH supplements, HGH Advanced uses only pure and organic ingredients, it does not contain any fillers or binders, it is 100% pure supplement.

GenF20 Plus

GenF20 Plus is one of the most popular and best rated HGH supplements, that are available on the market today. It has become very popular in US and GenF20 Plus is doctor endorsed supplement.

It is 100% pure and organic HGH releaser, that comes from well known and respectable manufacturer, who has been on the market for years. It is clinically proven human growth hormone releaser, that is produced in a high quality laboratories.


GenFX is pure and organic HGH supplement, which comes from well known manufacturer. GenFX is specially made to help people not only feel but also look younger.

It, as the manufacturer states, is manufactured by natural health sciences. GenFX is made from ingredients, that have been clinically proven to be effective.

GenFX is one of the best HGH supplements that are available on the market today and it is rated as #3 HGH supplement, with an overall 87% success rate.

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