Why Do We Age and the Issues That Come With It

There is a sharp increase in the aging population worldwide, and many are living longer than ever before, according to statistics of the World in 2014, the World Health Organisation. All this was due to increased activity in the field of public health and changes that people can make to your daily diet to disorder of a balanced diet, avoid sugar, eat less grain, regular consumption of water, nutritional food additives such as vitamin C and vitamin E to cope with stress and the balance of free radicals in the body a good exercise program.

From the moment of our birth we get older and the oldest mite seconds and minutes. No one living can not escape, no matter what they do, because it decreases over time, as our body and mind. Many men and women are afraid of aging changes in their bodies and minds, and many are looking for ways to slow the aging process.

Slowing down our movements, dimming vision and hearing, reduced to confront our brains, including the difficulties we have in extreme temperatures. The physical process of aging appear diminished in our ability to take new ideas or new places and meet new people to adapt. Emotional loneliness “and difficult family factors include stress can afford a poor state of health and other problems that may arise due to lack of proper nutrition and medical care.

Generally, not all of the same age because, in 70 years, some of us look younger, while others of the same age may appear older than their actual age. However, our body can age at different rates, and, for example, the eye can age the lungs or back and the difference is similar to the emotions and spirit.

Sexual desire a man down, but not stop, but to determine the sex drive of women, and age is difficult, because the two women are the same in most cases. A person can still depending on how you take care of your health in a position to be a translator. Do not risk any sexual contact for the elderly and gender, saving for retirement, since age is not fixed, and many still are sexually active.

The process can be manipulated or to be delayed, but not the current time is still ticks. There were, it can prevent physical decline, periodic medical examination. If the disease affects the aging and make the surface, they can be arrested and cured, if detected early, the more important to maintain your weight put less strain on the heart.

The best course of action for us is to identify the factors that drive the first address of the aging process.

• Stress is an important factor in skin aging. Just strikes and punishes our intake of daily tasks that lead to the disruption of cell damage organizations.

• Sufficient lack of sleep is another factor, such as the heart and vascular system needs a rest includes the spine, the need for regeneration. There is also the question of our nervous system and brain, which is a special condition during sleep, so it is very important that you can sleep a full night.

• Too much sex because of the loss of semen and sperm reproduction price requires adequate nutrition for their training. You should eat a lot of natural products or supplements to get enough zinc in the body.

• There are many types of poisons that harm us and it is necessary to prevent the participation of toxins such as caffeine, pollution, artificial flavors, contaminated water, artificial colors, preservatives, most drugs are damaged fat, alcohol -Zahnfüllungen filling mercury amalgams, vaccinations. The toxin is transported into the body through the blood and all the cells.

• exposed to too much or too little sun can get enough vitamin D, and is not good for the body does not produce, but it depends on your location and type of skin. Try to do at least one or two hours of sun a day and use vitamin D to ensure your body receives an adequate supply.

• Exercise is another excellent product in the list, and when your body a little bit, or not enough, that is not good. Try to at least one hour of exercise at least three times a week. For example, if you are training at the moment to take a break tomorrow, and vice versa.

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These recent discoveries in the field of aging in the development of additives which inhibit the aging process of the human body, gives us a sense of hope that we can hope for a better life and more with our loved ones. With its promising advantages, there is no doubt that HGH Supplements is really the wave of the future.